Saturday, June 13, 2009

Health Effects of Artificial Turf - now Gone with the Wind. . .

Remember the last line from the movie classic, Gone with the Wind?

After all... tomorrow is another day.

Now think about the Montgomery County Council. This week, on June 9, 2009, at public hearings on the Walter Johnson Artificial Turf project, the Council appeared to have absolutely no prior knowledge about the potential adverse health effects of artificial turf, currently at Richard Montgomery High School, currently in the process of installation at Montgomery Blair High School, and subject to a financing measure on the Council's consent agenda on June 16, 2009.

All of this, despite assertions from Montgomery County Superintendent Dr. Weast, that Council President and Education Committee member Phil Andrews and the Montgomery County Council reviewed all the health and safety data in connection with the Richard Montgomery turf project and found the product to be safe. Forget all the scientific studies - they don't apply because we will have a newer and more safe product. And the new data? Doesn't apply to what we are getting in Montgomery County, because the contractor, Field Turf Tarkett, told us so. Here in MoCo, where we don't believe in competitive bidding, we have absolute faith that statements made by our business partners are true.

Do we really know that?

Those who testified at the Council hearing requested ongoing and periodic testing. The Council, in its infinite wisdom, and despite promises to those in attendance at the County Council meeting that the matter would go back to the Ed Committee prior to bringing forward this matter for approval, has instead decided this review isn't needed

Can we rely on the Council to
review the options for testing at a later time as promised in the approval packet under consideration?

No. Don't be fooled. Why can't we trust our elected officials?

Did the Ed Committee ever schedule a meeting to vote on this recommendation/modification as listed on their Calendar between June 9 and June 16? Please post in the comment if you can find one, I can't find anything that complies with the state's Open Meeting Law requirements.

Nor did the Council deliver on its promise to engage in a six month follow-up review of the Richard Montgomery project.

Its time for all parents and residents of the County to demand that the County Council address the safety of artificial turf now, before another field becomes part of the landscape.

We've heard promises before. We want the Council to protect our children and our citizens now. Unless of course, we want leaders who act like Scarlet O'Hara.

Fiddle-dee dee.

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  1. The council has taken a page from the playbook of the Board of Education. no need to follow those pesky laws. Montgomery County is pathetic.


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