Friday, August 21, 2009

Weast's goal: College in 6 years

Comments from Superintendent Jerry Weast during an August 18, 2009 Education Week Chat on Keys to Leadership Success:
Dr. Jerry Weast: ...There aren't a lot of changes in curriculum. We will continue to improve strategies to deliver our high quality curriculum. We have ample information that if you follow our Seven Keys to College Readiness, you will not only graduate from high school but that you will be prepared to earn your college degree within 6 years.

And this comment on working with an elected school board:
Dr. Jerry Weast: Honesty. Good strategic planning. Lots of professional development. Collaborative decisionmaking with all aspects of the operation. It takes a team to run the system and they are a member of the team. We blur the lines of governance and distribute the leadership throughout the organization.

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