Monday, October 26, 2009

Sharon W. Cox: AASA Executive Consultant

Former Montgomery County Board of Education Member Sharon W. Cox is highlighted as a consultant with the American Association of School Administrators "Executive Consultant" program.

Thanks to the biography provided by AASA, we now know that Ms. Cox was the only Board of Education member who attended the Harvard Public Education Leadership Project for four years, at the Superintendent's request. (See Frieda Lacey's Testimonial about PELP HERE).
Ms. Cox's areas of expertise are listed as Board/Superintendent/Community Relations, Managing Change, Planning/Facilitating Board Retreats, and Systems Thinking.

Just a few questions:

1. Did MCPS pay the airfare, hotel, and tuition for Ms. Cox to attend Harvard's PELP all four years?

2. Is Ms. Cox using the "Secondary Learning Centers Closings" as an example of what not to do with regard to Community Relations?

3. Does "Facilitating Board Retreats" include making minutes of Board retreats available for the public to review?

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