Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Graduation Fees - Class of 2010

Has your Montgomery County Public School High School senior asked for graduation fees yet?

Here is the Senior Class "Package" for Blair HS.

Two items of note.

1.  Students who have unpaid "obligations" at the end of the year will not receive their cap/gown.  But a cap/gown is mandatory for graduation, so students must pay the fees or risk not attending the ceremony.

2.  Despite selecting the lower cost DAR venue, Blair HS seniors still must pay $35 for a senior fee.  What comprises that fee?  Doesn't say in this communication.  Why does Blair HS need $21,000 (600 students x $35 per student) in fees?

Blair Graduation                                                            

Anyone see something funny about charging students $35 for graduation "fees" and not telling families what they get?

Note - Richard Montgomery also has senior fee of $70, but that defrays the cost of the senior class picnic at Smokey Glen and a senior shirt.    Blair just seems to charge the fee, without the shirt and barbeque chicken.

What is happening at the rest of the schools in MoCo?


  1. Most of the high schools in Montgomery County do not charge "senior dues". My kids' high school charges only for a cap and gown.

    The most recent audit of Blair High School finances revealed many problems. There were so many problems with the records that the auditors could not determine where a lot of money went. The Blair audit can be found here:

  2. Churchill High School did not charge a "senior" fee".

    And note the profit margin for a "tassel" is huge. When ordered in large quantities (over 100) they can be purchased for $1.99 each.

  3. Newsflash from Blair Senior Class Liaison:

    "It is likely that MCPS will reduce this year’s graduation payment from $5000 to $3600."

  4. Wootton charges a $50 graduation fee according to their newsletter:

    See page 5.

    I can't tell whether that includes the cap and gown.


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