Friday, February 26, 2010

Struggling student booted from Churchill HS, but State Board steps in...

MCPS' Chief Operating Officer Larry Bowers granted a student from Poolesville a transfer to Churchill High School in Potomac.

But when the student's grades fell and attendance dropped, the principal Joan Benz, MCPS COO Larry Bowers, Superintendent Weast and the Board of Education revoked the student's transfer.

However, MCPS hadn't notified the family that the transfer was contingent on performance at Churchill High School. The family appealed to the State Board of Education.

The State Board of Education found that the decision of the MCPS Board of Education to revoke the transfer, without notification to the family that the transfer was contingent on performance, to be:
"arbitrary and unreasonable".
Sheri T. v. Montgomery County Board of Education


  1. "Arbitrary and unreasonable" sounds just like Benz to me. Benz needs to go!

  2. Sure, let the student go back to Churchill. Who is going to be screaming and complaining when "S.T." continues to not attend regularly (45 absences from various classes in one 9 week grading period!)?

    The parents have a responsibility to make sure that ST gets to school and does what he needs to in order to earn a high school diploma. Appealing which school the goes to is a red herring. If Benz is so horrible, why would anyone want to go there anyway?

  3. @March 1 11:31 AM anonymous,

    What's your position in MCPS or are you just using a MCPS computer?


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