Saturday, February 5, 2011

Excerpts of County Council agenda for Feb. 8, 2011


9:40 a.m.  CONSENT CALENDAR items include...
-  ACTION on approval of special legal counsel for Ethics Commission

9:45 a.m.  ACTION on Spending Affordability Guidelines for FY12 Operating Budget

-  ACTION on Resolution to revise process for consideration of Zoning Text 
-  ACTION on ZTA 10-13, Hearing Examiner Waivers - Parking and Public Facilities
-  ACTION on ZTA 10-14, Rural Neighborhood Cluster/Transferable Development 
Rights (RNC/TDR) Zone - Land Uses

10:30 a.m.  UPDATE by Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security - 
January 26, 2011 winter storm

11:30 p.m.  RECESS

1:30 p.m.  PUBLIC HEARINGS on...
-  $8,000,000 Special Appropriation to MCPS FY11 Capital Budget for Gaithersburg 
High School Modernization (source: General Obligation bonds)
-  Bill 1-11, Administration - Department of Health and Human Services - Duties


7:30 p.m.  PUBLIC HEARINGS on...
-  FY12 Capital Budget and Amendments to the FY11-FY16 CIP (Capital Improvements 
Program), and Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission's FY12-17 CIP
-  $4,000,000 Supplemental Appropriation to the Dept. of Transportation FY11 
Capital Budget for Resurfacing Residential/Rural Roads (source: General 
Obligation bonds), and $1,290,000 Supplemental Appropriation to DoT FY11 Capital 
Budget for Snouffer School Road North (source: Interim Finance)
-  $5,400,000 Supplemental Appropriation to FY11 MCPS Capital Budget for 
HVAC--Mechanical Systems Replacement: MCPS ($3,283,000); MCPS Indoor Air Quality 
Improvements ($394,000); MCPS PLAR ($948,000); and WSSC Compliance ($775,000) 
(source: General Obligation bonds)
SELECTED COMMITTEE MEETINGS - Week of February 7 through 11
-  2/7, 9:30 am, PHED Comm. to get briefing on Transportation Policy Area Review 
(new policy area transportation test proposed to replace PAMR--Policy Area 
Mobility Review) and Growth Policy follow up (now called Subdivision Staging 
-  2/7, 2 pm, T&E Comm. to get briefing on PEPCO reliability update
-  2/11, 9:30 am, PS Comm. on Park Police/County Police communications 
GENERAL NOTE: County Council sessions can be viewed over on County Cable 
television and via the internet (see instructions below for reaching that 
webpage).  Live Council sessions and archive tapes of past sessions can be 
viewed from the following webpage:

The new Council On-Demand Viewer requires Microsoft's Silverlight free plug-in.  
Information on Silverlight (and link to free software download) available on 
this webpage:

To view entire Council agenda, go to and click 
on County Council (in menu on left side), then on Council homepage click on 
Current Agenda.

The Council agenda and committee packets are PDF files that require Adobe 
Acrobat Reader to view.
-Excerpts compiled by Jim Humphrey

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