Monday, April 18, 2011

"As is often the case, MCPS has done a terrible job explaining the process..."

Rock Creek Forest PTA blog:  New Middle School Site Selection Released
Neighbors have been very surprised to find out that the parkland they have grown accostomed to, and indeed purchased their homes for, may be in jeopardy. As is often the case, MCPS has done a terrible job explaining the process and has left these neighbors feeling like this recommendation is a done deal and the true process was hidden away... 
...However, I would like to see the Board of Education delay this vote and send the planning office out to meet with the community to explicitly explain the process of site selection and the process for feasibility studies going forward... 

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  1. I agree, that this has all been done very underhandedly. I question why there was no representation from our community. How was the selection committee chosen? And why were the communities who's lives will be so negatively impacted completely excluded?


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