Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Message from Rosemary Hills-Lyttonsville Park to Board & Jerry Weast

"Give us a chance, we can amaze you."

The fields where Superintendent Jerry Weast wants to build a middle school are shown in the background of this video. Note the high level of activity on these fields on a typical afternoon.


  1. It is not Weast, it is the elected Board of Education, Chris Barclay, President. Please direct the 'Give us a chance' message to your Board of Education that you elected. Weast is their employee, that is all. As with most of us who are employees, he does what his boss wants him to do. In this case that is the elected Board of Education that you elected.
    Paula Bienenfeld

  2. Well all i have to say is i go to this playground and I would not like to see it go down. And if it gets turned into a middle school then I would be very disappointed and angry with all of my might because I go to this park and Gwendolen Coffeild Community center to stay out of trouble and work on my dream.... Basketball! If they decide to make this park a Middle school then i guess I don't have a dream of going to the WNBA. It will be crushed just because they want to build a middle school. Also I don't know who thought of the area of building a middle school here at our park but they better think of building it at another area because they most likely don't live around here so there not going to be the ones to be hearing hammers in the mourning and people getting in trouble because they don't have a park to stay out of trouble.
    -Rollingwood Resident(By the park)


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