Saturday, April 28, 2012

TunedIn - the Show will Go On

You've really got to admire the folks at Wootton and BBYO for continuing with their plans to hold an outdoor concert on the Wootton property.  Joel Osteen already cancelled his Night of Hope, oringinally planned for tonight at Nationals Stadium, and have rescheduled for tomorrow night.  and his group.

Who has a better line to the almighty one? 

As for the Wootton BBYO stuff, this is consistent.  We are so right, we more than anyone else.  Permits - nah, who needs them.  Noise - we'll take the risk.  After all this is a civic engagement activity, and what better way to learn civic engagement than by breaking all the rules..

Right now - 2 pm Rockville time, the sun is shining, and the bands are doing their sound checks.  Come on over to Frost Hill, get your parking spaces now, and hear the concert for free.

For those who are venturing over to the concert tonight - here is some additional advice - you don't need to wear your mudboots, because the concert has been moved over to the Wootton Parking Lot.  Remember not to drink - water or anything else - because Wootton will onl

Parents - have no fear, we're sure that the 10 rent-a cops and the 5 security staff from Wootton will be able to maintain order.   And keep the traffic flowing on Wootton Parkway too!

Read the weather report and be sure to dress accordingly. 

6 PM ShowersShowers55°55°3 mph E48%60%0
7 PM ShowersShowers54°54°3 mph E50%60%0
8 PM ShowersShowers52°52°3 mph E54%60%0
9 PM ShowersShowers51°51°2 mph E60%60%0
10 PM ShowersShowers49°49°2 mph E67%60%0
11 PM ShowersShowers48°48°2 mph E75%

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