Friday, July 20, 2012

Equity and Disney World Resort!

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin. Lake Buena Vista, FL. July 18-22, 2012. AP Annual Conference. 1:15–2:30 p.m. Concurrent Workshop Sessions. Administrator Strand. Presenter: James Koutsos and Christine Handy-Collins, Gaithersburg High School, Gaithersburg, MD
Expanding Access to AP and an Action Plan for Success: The Tale of Two Schools What can administrators do to increase AP enrollment and success for students of color? After the students are enrolled, how do you provide them with the academic supports that they need to be successful? How do you monitor student progress? Attendees will hear how these two schools have increased enrollment in AP for students of color and created supports during the school day, funded a summer camp for first time takers of AP, and implemented a range of strategies to support students and help them to prepare for the AP exam. Attendees will develop an Action Plan and have real take away strategies that they can use to prepare students of color for the rigors of AP courses. This will be an interactive session where attendees engage in activities that lead to developing an Action Plan for their AP program for the upcoming school year.
***** FYI:
Want to visit some of Orlando’s world famous parks and attractions? The College Board is pleased to offer an array of discounts to AP Annual Conference attendees and their guests. Purchase your theme park tickets early and SAVE! These are exclusive to AP Annual Conference attendees and families and are not available at theme park ticket windows. Tickets are available for Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Sea World and other Orlando attractions. Walt Disney World passes include Park Hopper privileges that allow you to come and go as you please. For those with limited time, one- or two-day afternoon tickets are also available.


  1. It's called "education spending." Taxpayers just don't realize that "education spending" includes lots of trips, lunches and perks for administrators. Classroom supplies? Teachers can buy them with their own money. But, administrators? Party on - on the taxpayers' dollar.

  2. I think it is great that MCPS has exemplary teachers and I fully support MCPS's goal of improving not only our county's schools, but sharing the knowledge we have with schools around the nation.

    MCPS is one of the best school districts in this country, and we should share our success with other schools. It is absurd that some people are so arrogant and ignorant that they only care about themselves and not others.

    Should we just let failing school districts fail? Or should we help them succeed?
    Should MCPS be the only successful school district? Or should we help the nation succeed?

    We live in an interconnected world and for MCPS students and parents to become successful in life, we as a nation must work together. In these conferences, MCPS shares with the nation what we believe is successful, but we also learn from other school districts as well.

    1. Then give up your COLAs and STEPS, because there PERKS cost serious money. You'd rather spend money on travel than on our students in our classrooms. Your choice. But that is clearly NOT what our tax dollars are for.

      Pretty funny that you are all in to educating the world, but not the students that we have right here in our county. And, guess what? We have a U.S. Department of Education to handle the big picture!

      Exactly where does the Maryland Constitution say that our tax dollars are to be used to send administrators to resorts?

    2. No name said: "I fully support MCPS's goal of improving not only our county's schools, but sharing the knowledge we have with schools around the nation."

      And please, where exactly is the "goal" of MCPS stated?

      Please forward the document that states that, and the line item in the budget that pays for that goal.

      Looking forward to your documentation, this will be news to the Montgomery County taxpayers.

  3. I would gladly give up any Cola or Step offered to me in order to see those funds go toward the new "Core Value" agenda that the BOE and Dr. Starr are NOW undertaking. MCPS teachers/staff are all fully aware that we have a crisis in this county regarding lack of values and compassion. This lack of core values has trickled down to our student population. The bullying of staff and students in MCPS makes it nearly impossible to function at some of our schools in this county. The Board and Central Office know this. They receive our climate surveys at the end of every school year.
    At the heart of ALL of the sad stories/documentation posted on this blog, whether it be wasteful trips to Disney World by MCPS officials to share their magic, children and parents put through court proceedings that are abusive, or teachers filing lawsuits to protect their students, parents and themselves from an abusive principal and his dishonest superiors, there is a profound disrespect for the care of our children. How can MCPS/BOE think that our school system is a winning system with the social issues that exist within our schools, central office, MCEA, and the board itself?
    As far as trips to Disney World to spread the MCPS magic.......................I think MCPS needs to stay home and work on their own issues. Specifically, please select, define, and make actionable some core values in this school system. Perhaps, with a change of mindset and heart, we can then focus on our children in MCPS. Isn't that what we're here for? Wups, with all these distractions going on in MCPS, I almost forgot...............................the children!!!!!!


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