Sunday, November 11, 2012

Shock! Texas Public School System Posts Promethean Prices

Warning:  If you are in Montgomery County, Maryland, please cover your eyes.  What we are about to show the public is pricing for Promethean products.  This information is not to be revealed to taxpayers in Montgomery County, Maryland under any circumstances!  

On Tuesday, November 13, 2012, the Montgomery County Council will vote on an Appropriation to spend $14. 5 million on...well, whatever.  The Montgomery County Council doesn't actually know how this money will be spent.  All the Council knows is that 4 companies are going to get a boatload of Montgomery County tax dollars.  

The 4 companies are Promethean, Dell, Cisco and Banc of America.  3 of those companies are known partners.  Dell is a distributor of Promethean products and also does the financing.  (Act now for Veterans Day pricing!)  Cisco is also a partner of Promethean.  

Why doesn't the County Council know how this money will be spent? Because they have not seen the contracts for these purchases.  They have not seen the pricing.  They have not seen competitive bids.  They have zero details about this $14.5 million dollar transaction.  All they know is the names of the 4 companies that will profit. 

But, take a look at this!  In Texas, this public school system has posted ALL of the pricing information for the Promethean products that are used in its schools.  Notice that the products in the Texas school system are also being purchased from Dell!  Just like us! How do the prices that MCPS will be paying for these items compare?  Take a guess, go ahead. Might as well guess because we will never know.  The County Council has no interest in contract details.  

Texas public school

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