Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why Montgomery County has a Smaller BOE than MD Law Mandates

On September 12, 2011 this blog wrote about the fact that the Montgomery County Board of Education has less Board members than are mandated by Maryland law for the number of students enrolled.  
Montgomery County has an exception in the law that permits our Board of Education to stay at 7 members.  
In other Maryland Counties if public school enrollment is over 100,000 students, the number of BOE members rises to 9.
Delegate Barcley has proposed legislation for the next Maryland General Assembly session that will bring Montgomery County in line with Maryland State law by adding 2 more seats to the Montgomery County Board of Education. 
Why is Montgomery County the exception to the State law?  According to the Montgomery County School Board Composition Task Force of 2001, the law setting the size of Boards of Education in Maryland was set when Montgomery County already had over 100,000 students.  Montgomery County was given an exception to keep their board of education at 7 members. 

2001 Board Composition Report

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