Monday, January 7, 2013

Exclusive: Defective Artificial Turf Field Cost $185,000 to Replace

The Parents' Coalition has learned that when the Towson University artificial turf stadium field needed to be replaced, the manufacturers warranty would only cover replacement of the field with the exact same product.  That meant that Towson University could have obtained a brand new sheet of plastic grass, but the plastic grass would have been the same product that had already failed after only 4.5 years.  If Towson University wanted to replace their failed plastic grass with an allegedly more reliable product, they would have to pay for an "upgrade".

And, pay they did.  Towson University paid to have an "upgraded" plastic grass installed on their stadium field when their first purchase failed.

The "upgraded" replacement field at Towson University cost this public institutuion an additional $185,000.  
An addition of rugby goal posts added another $19,000 the purchase.

Total cost of artificial turf stadium field at Towson University is now $1,010,008.40 to date.

Towson University Purchase Order 2012

2012 Contract and Purchase Order for replacement of Towson University stadium artificial turf.

Towson University Replacement of Stadium Field 2012

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