Friday, January 25, 2013

Parent Survey-Autism Services

As most of you know, each year xMinds cosponsors a forum with administrators
from MCPS called "xMinds in MCPS." Four years ago we approached MCPS
administrators and told them that parents weren't receiving complete information
about educational services and placements for their children on the spectrum,
and therefore could not be equal members of their IEP Team. MCPS readily agreed
to participate in a forum to present the placements and services for
diploma-bound students on the spectrum.

The "xMinds in MCPS Forum" is a rare opportunity for parents to meet
administrators face-to-face and learn information that might not be readily
shared by staff at their child's school. In addition, xMinds has expanded its
focus to serving families of children across the spectrum--not just
diploma-bound students. We've seen that determining whether a child is
diploma-bound or not is often a complicated decision that requires tough
choices, but that all students on the spectrum share common challenges in

Please take one minute to complete our survey. It consists of 4 questions and is
completely anonymous. Here is the link:


Staci Daddona
Partnership for Extraordinary Minds

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