Thursday, January 17, 2013

PTA Membership Tanking

As MCPS enrollment has increased, PTA membership has been dropping. Note that PTA double or triple counts members that join multiple PTAs and counts multiple parents from the same family.  

MCPS enrollment 2012-2013: 146,459

Maryland State Public School enrollment 2012-2013: 854,086

Gazette:  Montgomery PTAs add members by adding fun

From the article  MCCPTA membership
So far, countywide membership is up nearly 3,000 over this time last year, at 39,419 as of Dec. 31 compared to 36,639 last year, Loebach said.

Maryland State PTA membership:
The state also expects its membership to grow this year, said Rita Lowman, president of Maryland PTA. Statewide membership has dropped from 206,664 members five years ago to 181,000 members last year.

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  1. County Council members please take note. The county PTA does not represent all the students nor all the parents and guardians of children in the system.


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