Thursday, February 20, 2014

MD State's Attorneys' Assoc. Objects to Sen. Raskin's Plan to Allow Sex Between Teachers and Students

The Maryland State's Attorneys' Association, representing the State's Attorneys' in all 24 Maryland Counties, objects to Senator Jamie Raskin's proposal to legalize sex between a 22 year old teacher and a 16 year old high school student.

Under current Maryland law the teacher in that scenario would be in violation of State law and subject to criminal prosecution.  However, Senator Jamie Raskin has proposed that the law be changed to permit the teacher in that scenario to have sex with the high school student without risk of criminal prosecution.

Here's the statement from the Maryland State's Attorneys' Association from the House hearing on companion House bill 781 on February 11, 2014, objecting to Senator Raskin's proposal to change Maryland law to permit sex between teachers aged 21-24 and students.

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