Friday, March 7, 2014

Observer: AP Exams are too expensive

AP Exams are too expensive
...Along with the intense curriculum of multiple AP’s, students who take these classes are also basically required to take the expensive exam at the end of the year. Those who chose not to are required to take a purposely more difficult test created by the teacher. In this way, students feel even more pressure to spend their money on the College Board exam. 
Many CHS students work in order to pay for their daily expenses. At minimum wage, these earnings take a lot of effort. These students should not have to put their well-earned cash toward an exam that will likely not count towards college credit in the future. 
Along with AP exams, students are also bombarded by other costs imposed by the College Board. Students are pressured to pay to take the SAT or ACT multiple times in order to achieve a highly competitive score. Do not forget about SAT subject tests, which are becoming required by more and more schools. Each of these exams costs up to $50. Combined with the price of AP exams, the costs charged by the College Board can really add up and financially upset many families...
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