Saturday, March 29, 2014

Arundel request for waiver of 5 snow days denied

Arundel request for waiver of 5 snow days denied


  1. So after all the complaints that MD schools wouldn't get their 2 weeks of MSA testing and $9 million back, it looks as though Dr. Lowery is diligently trying for at least 5 days of instructional time.

    Will the schools get the money, too? :P

    1. MCPS has a surplus of $32,450,617 as of March 2014. :P

    2. That's not the point. IT took 2 weeks and $9 million to administer the MSA's which were USELESS this year. If Lowery is going to make schools make up snow days when she could just as easily have cancelled the MSA's, then if we're getting the TIME added back on, we should get the $9 million (spread around the state) back as well IMO.

      The MCPS surplus has nothing to do with my point.

    3. Unclear what your point is. School systems in Maryland have already been funded for the required number of school days for the year. The days weren't held. The question now before the State is whether or not the required days should be waived. Absent a waiver each jurisdiction would hold school for the number of days they have already been funded.

    4. *sigh*

      Maryland spent $9 million on a useless test they could just as easily have no administered in the first place, not to mention days and days we will never get back.

      Looks like we're getting the days "back," as it were. Maybe MD could get the $9 million back.

      It's a lot less funny if you have to explain the joke. *sigh*


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