Thursday, May 8, 2014

Councilmember Branson on Achievement Gap: "...don't see buy in..." on part of MCPS

Here is another clip of the May 5, 2014, Montgomery County Council worksession where the Council discussed another new budget item to address the achievement gap.  The County Executive has recommended that $100,000 be put into something called the "Childrens' Trust."  The Council is declining to fund this trust.
Here's more of the discussion of why the Council does not want to fund this trust at this time.
Note Superintendent Joshua Starr is seated at the table across from the Councilmembers during these statements.

Minute of video and Councilmember

Start - Craig Rice "When we are not part of the process..."

1:51 - Cherri Branson statement to Superintendent Joshua Starr on taking responsibility for achievement gap.

3:50 - Marc Elrich "This is a really agonizing discussion." "There's no plan."

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  1. Achievement gap is a distraction from the poor overall performance of the school system and from the sweetheart contracts the County agrees to with the union. We cannot educate the entire third world, and the more money we throw at this problem, the more people will come here.


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