Friday, May 23, 2014

MCPS Public Info Officer Dana Tofig: ‘No Conclusive Evidence’ of Cell Towers’ Impact on Health' (When did Board of Education decide this?)

The proposal for a cell tower at Wootton High School is scrapped, but the school system plans to continue its policy of allowing vendors to approach county schools to place cell towers on school property.
At a public meeting Tuesday, parents of Wootton students worried that radio waves from the tower might be hazardous to their children’s health.
In an email response to questions about what the school system knows about the safety of the towers, Montgomery County Public Schools spokesman Dana Tofig wrote, “We continue to monitor the latest information and research and there is no conclusive evidence or data that indicates that cell towers have an impact on human health.” Tofig added, “We will continue to follow our process if there are future requests to locate towers on school property.”...


  1. In that case, a pilot study should be initiated with these experts having lunch under the tower for a whole year and then compare notes.

  2. "Tofig added, “We will continue to follow our process" What process would that be? anyone know?

    1. That would be a recursive process.

    2. It's the Hope Dartboard. Hope that the dart doesn't hit your neighborhood.

  3. The towers will double up as high tech security umbrellas that will deter crime on the school grounds.


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