Thursday, May 22, 2014

MVA: Barclay driver's license suspension pending

An official from the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration has confirmed that Board of Education Member Chris Barclay's driver's license will be suspended if the $80 fine for a speeding citation is not paid within the next several weeks.

Barclay received the speeding citation on March 14.  The District Court submitted a license suspension order to the MVA on April 21 after no request for a trial was received and the fine remained unpaid.

MVA spokesman Buel Young advised the Parents' Coalition that license suspension orders are processed on a monthly basis, and that a "15 day final notice" will be issued to Barclay shortly.  If the fine remains unpaid, Barclay's driver's license will be suspended.

Update: Barclay paid the citation later today (May 22) after this blog story was posted.


  1. I know that you can pay speed camera tickets by credit card. You can pay your county property taxes by credit card. I can't imagine that you can't pay for this by credit card. Of course, we'll never know which credit card he uses. ;-)

  2. Another scofflaw in local government... Did Barclay learn how to disregard the law from Craig Rice, who accumulated thousands of dollars in traffic related fines and then not pay them? Aren't our elected officials supposed to follow the law? Aren't they supposed to set an example for the citizens they "represent?" Do these scofflaws believe that they are "above the law?"

    1. I think you are correct, they apparently do believe they are above the law. Didn't the Parents Coalition do some research an while back and find that a surprising number of our elected officials have had tax liens placed on their homes, etc?

      Bob Astrove

  3. He said on television last night that his irresponsible actions would not continue. Yet seeing this unpaid motor vehicle citation, which is dated after the public information request for his MCPS credit card charges was submitted, it appears the behavior continues.

    Bob Astrove

  4. Politicians are like diapers; they need to be changed often and for the same reason.” ― Mark Twain


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