Friday, May 23, 2014

WPost: MoCo school board member’s D.C. hotel charges broke no rules, official says

...But Barclay also used his board-issued credit card for a $745 charge covering two nights with room service at the Washington Hilton on Feb. 13 and 14. According to receipts, he was attending an event sponsored by theNational School Boards Association.
Barclay also charged $681.09 for two nights at the same hotel in January 2013, records show, for a meeting of the Federal Relations Network, another school boards association program...
...Barclay, a member of the Board of Education’s Fiscal Management Committee, has yet to return phone or e-mail messages requesting comment...


  1. Christopher S. Barclay lives in the 7000 block of 14th Avenue in Takoma Park, Maryland. This address is SIX miles by car from the Washington Hilton. WHY in the world does he need to spend taxpayer money for a room at all??? Couldn’t he just commute each day from home? What is the MCPS policy on this (how far do you have to be from a meeting venue to justify a hotel expense)? If a teacher went to an offsite meeting six miles away from home, could that teacher get MCPS to pay for a four and half star luxury hotel? And I don’t care who says what, but $745and $681.09 for two two-night stays??? That’s kind of pricy. Barclay’s not the CEO of a fortune 500 company; he’s spending OUR taxpayer dollars (like it was his). What was the room service for? Filet Mignon? Lobster? A Full Body Massage? If Barclay had not gotten caught, would he ever have come clean and paid back the money? I think we all the answer to that. Oh yeah, but he want’s your vote to be the Montgomery County Council Member for District 5. That really is chutzpah!

  2. Someone should look into the room service charges. An employee of my agency submitted hotel receipts for local stays (which itself was suspicious) and upon further investigation, double meals were being charged to the room -- apparently the employee was using the taxpayer-funded hotel room for assignations with someone other than their spouse! I'm not prejudging Mr. Barclay's motives in running up such a high tab, but somebody needs to hold him accountable.


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