Sunday, June 22, 2014

MCPS: 22 Administrators with Car Allowances and 27 with Take Home Vehicles

Superintendent Joshua Starr in his Jeep Grand Cherokee
As of Fiscal Year 2012 there were 22 MCPS employees currently receiving a car allowance. 
The amount budgeted for car allowances in FY 2012 was $171,600
The amount budgeted in FY 2012 for both local travel and mileage reimbursement was $1,944,306

As of Fiscal Year 2011 there were 27 MCPS Take Home Vehicles.

16 of those vehicles are parked outside of Montgomery County when the employees go home.


  1. Is this the rebirth of feudalism?

    1. It's what teachers want. Teachers tell the public who to vote for with the Apple Ballot. We vote the teachers' picks and this is what happens to the MCPS Operating Budget. It's been going on for years. Teachers love it. Right?

  2. Didn't the county eliminate this for county council staff and county staff? How is this still going on?


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