Thursday, July 3, 2014

Breaking News: Parents' Coalition Obtains 822 Pages of New BOE Expense Reports

BOE President Phil Kauffman waving his
 MCPS credit cardin Lyda Astrove's face. 
The Parents' Coalition realized that when Board of Education member credit card and expense reports were made public that there was more to the story.  In our past investigation of MCPS credit card use we have seen BOE and administrative staff doing a lot of the charging for BOE members and MCPS top administrators.

Therefore, on May 27, 2014, we requested the credit card and expense report documents for all of the Board of Education staff.   In response to that request we obtained 822 pages of documents. We have uploaded these documents to Scribd and are posting them to this blog.

Below is the written response from the MCPS Public Information Office. The expense reports and credit card receipts for the following Board of Education office staff are now available for the public on Scribd.

Rebecca Gibson 562 pages
Ikhide Roland Ikheloa 153 pages 

Susann King 12 pages
Laura Steinberg 60 pages
Kathy Yorro  25 pages

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