Monday, July 28, 2014

Fact Check: MCPS Dir says it is "erroneous" that MCPS pays more for same FieldTurf product #artificialturf

At Minute 11:00 of the video below from today's County Council Education Committee MCPS' Director of Construction James Song declares that it is "erroneous" information that MCPS pays more than other school systems for same FieldTurf product.  

The new definition of "erroneous" must be factual.

All of the field prices below are for the FieldTurf Revolution product: 

2012    Gaithersburg High School   $ 424,967.44

2012  Paint Branch High School     $ 413,153.59

                                          2012      AISD Stadium                     $  369,350

Also, in this video James Song tells the Council's Education Committee that MCPS can't shut down artificial turf field use at 9 PM (minute 7 of video below) because it won't allow the hours of use that are needed for a partnership agreement for one of these fields.
However, Montgomery County's Noise Ordinance sets 9 PM as the time when noise levels must decrease, but what is a Montgomery County Ordinance to MCPS?

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