Thursday, July 17, 2014

Montgomery County launches broad review of credit card purchases

Note: The public doesn't even know how many MCPS credit cards are floating around. 
“I think that there’s always, whenever there’s use of a purchase card, there’s always the potential, always a vulnerability for the entity,” he said...
...The Park and Planning Commission has sent to Blansitt a December internal audit report of its card program, plus its program policy and procedure manual, according to a letter Tuesday from acting Executive Director Anju Bennett.
About 115 commission employees had cards as of September, the audit report says...
...Jim Neustadt, a spokesman for the WSSC, said the commission had received notice of the review but not a request for information.
The commission’s card program was last updated in July 2012, Neustadt said. About 375 employees have cards, out of about 1,600 employees...

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