Thursday, July 10, 2014

Starr Finds $15 MILLION, Spends It, Will Tell BOE About it Next Week! #forgettransparency #lovesurprises

Funniest thing.  Just  this morning the Montgomery County Chief Innovation Officer was telling the County Council how there wasn't any money for any more tablets for students with disabilities in a pilot program. Yet, Superintendent Joshua Starr has been cooking up this new program for the general education students for months.  Special education students? Not so much.

The Washington Post: Montgomery announces school technology initiative, with 40,000 laptops and tablets

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    Per an earlier PC story, here is the connection to instruction with this widespread new technology. Talk to any live teacher and they will tell you that the personalized instruction that MCPS is rolling out (no evidence-based research shows that it is effective - in fact the opposite is true).


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