Saturday, October 18, 2014

"this county needs a cultural earthquake to occur on the current Board of Education"

Gazette Letter: 
...I ask the voters of Montgomery County to vote for Kristin Trible, Laurie Halverson, Larry Edmonds and Jill Ortman-Fouse because this county needs a cultural earthquake to occur on the current Board of Education. We need a new breed of leaders who will be accountable to the parents, teachers, students and taxpayers, will be open and transparent with the allocation of $2.3 billion and will respond to constituents emails, telephone calls and questions instead of being ignored or brushed aside.

Furthermore, I ask residents in Montgomery County to vote against the Apple ballot and MCEA’s monopoly of thought that has pervaded MCPS for too long...

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  1. I concur. This is the 1st year I will be voting against the Apple ballot. The citizens of this county need a serious wake up call.

    I've seen other counties go down hill like this in the past because people were apathetic and went along with the status quo. Spending in the county is out of control, standards have been lowered, and the quality of education drops each year. MCPS no longer attracts the best leaders nor the best teachers. Many of the top people have left for Howard County. We have gotten leftovers and incompetents - our superintendent is not admired, but is rather a joke because our BOE did not select the best. We need to raise the bar for our board members, our superintendent, and our top administrators. It's time to clean house.


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