Thursday, December 18, 2014

school system should bring in an outside expert to examine problems and “formulate a comprehensive plan, not to cobble together some changes.”

Montgomery County to probe handling of school abuse allegations

...Jennifer Alvaro, a Montgomery parent and advocate on sexual abuse issues who is part of a district-appointed work group, said the two cases reflect multiple flaws in how school officials handle allegations of abuse.
She said the school system should bring in an outside expert to examine problems and “formulate a comprehensive plan, not to cobble together some changes.”


  1. An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less, until he knows absolutely everything about nothing.

    1. The above comment is from the MCPS Public Relations Department.


      Yes, thanks MCPS PR! We KNOW you are very, very scared of having any experts on child sexual abuse involved with MCPS. An expert would expose all of the horrific acts that have been going on and covered up by MCPS administrators for decades. An expert would actually READ the Maryland State Board of Education decision that told you to clean up your act BACK in 2012!

      An expert would point out that the MCPS Policy on Child Abuse is now 26 YEARS out of date!

      Yes, MCPS administrators should be very afraid of an outside child abuse expert stepping foot in 850 Hungerford Drive, because if an expert did walk in that building the recommendation should be that people that have failed to protect public school children from sexual abuse by staff should be fired.

  2. If MCPS brought in an outside expert, why in the world would the expert recommend that his employer be fired?
    How would he then be paid for his effort?
    The state of Maryland would certainly have the legal infrastructure in place to do an impartial investigation into this serious issue.
    Or is the part-time legislature complicit as well?

    1. Seriously? What a ridiculous response. MCPS is an ENTITY, MCPS can not be fired. The humans walking the halls of 850 Hungerford Drive CAN be fired. The entity will go on and bills will be paid, contracts honored.

      Again, READ the links above. The State ALREADY told MCPS to clean up their act. What did MCPS do in response to the State BOE Opinion in the Picca case? Nothing.

    2. And to make this perfectly clear:


    3. Does the state have the authority to discipline those who have not acted upon the BOE opinion?
      And should it by an opinion or a request?

    4. The State has lots of authority to do lots of things, but this is Maryland. It's all the same state, the elected officials run on the same ballot (oh, ooops except for new Gov.). The failure to protect children from sexual abuse by public school teachers and staff is a state wide issue.

      Opinion or request? Really? Adults have to be told they need to protect children? Up in Stamford, CT, Starr's old job, two public school administrators were arrested for failing to report during a time when Starr was superintendent. Do we see a pattern?

    5. Since the entity resembles the theater of the absurd, a ridiculous reply is befitting.

  3. I like to believe that they know what needs to take place, and they have the authority, but they get wrapped around the axle on minute details and procedural issues ad nauseam so no action ever takes place.


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