Friday, December 19, 2014

School system wants more, Montgomery County has less

Montgomery County Public Schools wants about $127 million more from the county next year, but county officials say their options for going above state-mandated funding levels have been exhausted and revenue is dwindling.
“We don’t have any gimmicks or tricks to get us beyond that,” said County Executive Isiah Leggett...


  1. Be happy to give the school system increased funding just as soon as they provide some quantitative data that shows that all of the money that has been thrown at them over the past 4 years has been closing "the achievement gap."

    I don't even know what data points are being measured because Starr just keeps saying he needs more money to close the gap but he never provides any quantitative data to show that anything that he does is working. No QUANTITATIVE data, no money.

    Opinion surveys are meaningless. And spare us the "hope" crap. Show me the numbers.

    1. Metrics? We ain't got no metrics. We don't need no metrics. I don't have to show you any stinkin' metrics!

      Sorry, I just couldn't resist. :-)


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