Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Former state Del. Carol Petzold encouraged the group to write to county and possibly state officials. They should send copies to the school board, “so they know what kind of storm they’ve created,” she said.

Community members oppose bus depot, Ewing center moves

Residents from Rockville and other parts of Montgomery County expressed heated opposition Thursday to a school system plan to relocate a bus depot and an education center in the Rockville area...

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  1. Mr. Song (director of the district’s Department of Facilities Management) is incorrect when he states that there will be "about 120 students at most" enrolled in the Alternative Education Programs (AEPs).

    First, MCPS' intends to grow the AEPs, and there have even been discussions about "rebranding" the programs so more students will opt in.

    Also, because the AEPs include a 45-day Interim Placement Program (which, according to the CIP serves students with "involvement with controlled substances, serious bodily injury, and/or weapons"), the population of the Ewing Center continually rises and falls. When I toured the Ewing Center early last week (January 12th), the principal Dr. Thomas told me that the school's population can swell to well over 300 students.

    And has anyone reached out to the Aspen Hill community to address the valid concerns this plan raises? Absolutely not. When the Board of Education took its vote back on November 17th, Dr. Starr said "...we want to make sure we communicate with the community and talk to them, give them a heads up so when the Board acts we can have a conversation.." That has not happened, and we are still waiting.

    My message to Superintendent Starr and the Board of Education is this: Please talk to us, and stop trashing those who oppose this dreadful plan.


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