Thursday, January 1, 2015

Starr: "Best Job in America"


  1. If it's the best job in America why is he applying to other school systems?

    1. Is he? This article made it sound like he's planning on hanging around here for another term if he can:

      "Schools Superintendent Joshua P. Starr must, under state law, inform the school board whether he wants his contract renewed by Feb. 1, at which time formal discussions will begin. A decision is due by March 1. Mr. Starr, though, has already made clear he hopes to stay, and informal talks have begun. We hope that’s a sign the board plans a robust review instead of simply rubber-stamping a second term. Schools are critical to the future of Montgomery County, and concerns about the efficacy of Mr. Starr’s tenure must be addressed. "

    2. Didn't he apply for a New York school system job?

  2. It is the best job. He gets paid a quarter of a million dollars and does nothing. He has no accountability. Students fail final exams, he shrugs his shoulders and asks tax payers for more money. As long as he gets paid, what does he care?


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