Monday, January 12, 2015

TODAY at 1 PM: County Council Off-Site, Off-Camera, No Agenda Meeting

Happy 2015!

It's a new year with a new County Council President and new Councilmembers!  We can now see how this session of the Council is going to roll.

Credit Zopeuse
Today the Montgomery County Council is meeting at 1 PM at the Rockville Library. 

They are meeting off-site, off-camera and there is NO AGENDA and NO LOCATION shown on their public website.  In fact, today the Council's public website doesn't even reference this meeting.  The Parents' Coalition just happened to have caught the reference to the meeting on an earlier agenda calendar of upcoming meetings.  Now that reference has been deleted from the Council website.

Any guesses at to what they will be doing at the Rockville Library today?  Better yet, want to take some guesses about how much "work" they are going to do behind closed doors this year since the Maryland Open Meetings Act is clearly not a priority for this Council's session!

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