Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Senator Nancy King wants school bus doors to lock. Here's why MD Law currently does not permit them to be locked.

Current Maryland law dictates that school buses can not have locking doors.

The law is designed to keep students safe in the event of an emergency.  First responders can easily enter a bus and remove students if the doors are not locked.

But, Montgomery County Senator Nancy King wants to change Maryland law and permit school buses to have locked doors.  

SILVER SPRING, Md. — About 40 high school students were evacuated from a Montgomery County school bus after an engine fire...


  1. Typical, if something makes common sense then it is deemed illegal by the part-time legislature.

  2. MCPS shared a plan with principals to relocate busses from the depot in the Shady Grove area to local schools. The busses would be parked overnight and stored on local school grounds. Could this idea to lock them be related to that plan?

    1. Perfect solution! Sacrifice safety for security.

    2. Actually it is sacrificing safety for a developer. It's the developer of the Montgomery County property that wants the MCPS bus depot moved pronto. They want to start building houses. They don't care where the MCPS buses go or what this means for students. In fact, the developer was supposed to find the new bus depot, but they didn't.

  3. A very interesting debate. With so many children on a bus, every second matters when emergency response services arrive - it makes sense that they can get instant access.


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