Tuesday, May 19, 2015

You Have a Credit Score...and Your Child Now has a Google Tech Score .... And they are selling it.

We work our whole lives to have a good credit score so when we purchase our first car or our first home, the process is fair and equitable.
Imagine if your score included your behavior online, since you were 8 years old.  
No need to imagine anymore.  This is what is happening.  
The state of California, where all these 'tech' companies reside, have passed over 29 privacy laws to protect their kids.  The rest of the states have either passed 'weak' student privacy bills or none.  Maryland recently passed their Student Privacy Bill, but it was gutted of the protection the California Law has b/c the tech companies spent millions to lobby against the stronger language and won.  Parent outcry was needed but few voices were spoken.
If you think this is made up, then listen to the KoJo NPR show today.  These experts tell it like it is... tech companies are working with schools not to better our children but to create profiles that are so detailed, they are calling it:
[Neuromarketing is a new field of marketing research that studies consumers' sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli.]
There’s no such thing as anonymous in today’s digitized world, when everything from web searches to clothing sizes are saved and quantified to create a digital you. Tech companies have become identity managers- collecting our personal data as we use their services, then selling that information to the highest bidder. Join us for a Tech Tuesday conversation about the data we leave behind while we go about our lives, and how that information is being sold and used.


  • Daniel Castro Vice President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation; Director, Center for Data Innovation.
  • Alvaro Bedoya Founding Executive Director, Center on Privacy and Technology at Georgetown Law
  • Jeff Chester Executive Director, Center for Digital Democracy

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