Thursday, June 4, 2015

Duraspine Artificial turf falling apart at Park - MCPS Fields are Duraspine

Artificial turf falling apart at Golden Eagle park Regional Park - Daily Sparks Tribune: News


  1. As a student, it is easier to do PE, on a turf field. All of the kids at my school like turf over our muddy football field. There are low risks in turf fields and they are easier to maintain. The "health risks" are being created by special interests groups who would rather see MCPS's budget spent on a "Caitlyn Jenner" curriculum.

    1. We know MCPS doesn't really teach science anymore and MCPS students don't follow actual current events, so it is no surprise that you are so uniformed.

      Artificial turf is not easier to maintain and the risks are high.

      Sad that you think all of the soccer goalies across the USA that have acquired cancer after playing on artificial turf are somehow connected to the MCPS curriculum. Bizarre conclusion. Please take some science classes and start reading up on lead, zinc and the other heavy metals that in the plastic grass field that you think is safe.

      By the way, how is it you have 2 football fields?

    2. Sounds like you are a cheerleader so not to worry, You will never get dirty standing on the sidelines of a real field, unless an athlete goes out of bounds..

  2. STEM the Tide of the Great Divide:

  3. "Artificial turf takes toll on recovery time, bodies" says Sports illustrated.
    Inform yourself , Read more here

    Dr. Bojan Žorić, who was with the team at the 2012 Olympics and will be again in Canada, told that the playing surface is the medical team’s primary concern heading into the 2015 World Cup. Regardless of what the studies say—and they can often go either way—players almost always recover better from playing on grass than turf.

    “[The research] can show that there are more injuries and that there are not more injuries. You don’t have a great answer. That’s with regard to acute injuries,” said Žorić, who is also an orthopedic surgeon at Beverly Hospital in Massachusetts. “The body is by far more fatigued, there’s a longer recovery rate, there’s certainly more of a feeling of being worn down after practicing and playing on turf.”


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