Friday, September 25, 2015

Lower test scores for students who use computers often in school, 31-country study finds

For those of us who worry that Google might be making us stupid, and that, perhaps, technology and education don’t mix well, here’s a new study to confirm that anxiety.
“Those that use the Internet every day do the worst,” said Andreas Schleicher, OECD Director for Education and Skills, and author of “Students, Computers and Learning: Making the Connection,” the OECD’s first report to look at the digital skills of students around the world. The study controlled for income and race; between two similar students, the one who used computers more, generally scored worse.*...


  1. Research overwhelmingly shows it dumbs students down- especially when used for note-taking.
    Technology should be a tool, not a replacement for thinking.

    Plus the MCPS plan exposes the kids to Hi-Strength Wi-Fi router radiation which----Several World Health Organization doctors state most probably causes cancer. (Although I am more concerned with the research showing infertitlty and brain damage) Watch a Doctor detail this in full in three minutes of incredible testimony at

  2. The Guardian, Wednesday 23 September 2015 article

    How Powerpoint is Killing Critical Thought.
    Bullet points are making us stupid and irresponsible.
    • Lecturing is a form of performance and must be treated as such.

    "Bored students is the least of it – the bullet point-ization of information is making us stupid and irresponsible"
    Read it here

  3. The test scores are directly proportional to the percentage of remaining battery charge in the computer.

  4. Speaking of test scores I wish the Governor could fire every lazy person at MSDE. MD isn't going to release PARCC scores until late November and December. This has got to be the laziest state in the union. Most states are beginning to release their scores. MDSE is so incompetent that the scores, which will of course be completely useless, (taxpayer money down the drain) won't be released until almost the end of the year.


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