Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rock Spring and White Flint II Master Plan Meeting Sept 17

This is a reminder about the September 17 meeting at WJHS for the Rock Spring and White Flint 2 master plan efforts.  The Planning Department staff and staff from MCPS will spend the first part of the meeting describing how their agencies address schools in the planning process.  They will then take comments for thirty minutes before transitioning to smaller table discussions as show below:
I.             Welcome and Introductions (Casey Anderson, Roger Berliner)- 10 minutes
II.           Purpose of Tonight’s Meeting (Gwen Wright, Glenn Kreger)-5 minutes
III.          Comprehensive (Master) Planning (Nkosi Yearwood)- 10 minutes
IV.          School Facility Planning (Bruce Crispell)- 20 minutes
V.           APFO and the Regulatory Environment (Pam Dunn)- 15 minutes
VI.          Comment Period-30 minutes
VII.         Individual Conversations with Staff @ 4 tables- 30 minutes
∙             Rock Spring (Don Zeigler, Nancy Sturgeon)
∙             White Flint 2 (Nkosi Yearwood, Andrea Gilles)
∙             MCPS (Bruce Crispell)
∙             APFO/Regulatory (Pam Dunn)
VIII.        Wrap-Up/Next Steps (Glenn Kreger)- 5 minutes
The Planning staff is well aware of how important this issue is to the community.  That’s why we have begun the schools discussion early in the Rock Spring and White Flint 2 master plan efforts. Some in the community are already familiar with the process and have been actively engaged.  Other community members are not, however, and it is important for everyone to have a basic understanding of the process in order to provide effective input.  We hope that all attendees will be patient while we try to explain the process.
Andrea Gilles
Area 2 Planning Division
Montgomery County Planning Department
Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
8787 Georgia Avenue │Silver Spring, MD 20910

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