Monday, September 28, 2015

Today: Council to Review MCPS Financial Report, Moving Cash Around and $2 Million for Chromebooks #found$$$ #notforteachers #slushfund

September 28, 2015 
Montgomery County Council Education Committee
9:30 AM- Room 3CCR at Montgomery County Council building


  1. What is the basis of MCPS tech optimism? All current data shows more computers translate into lower student scores and mental health issues: the OECD study of 31 countries found "students who used computers more at school had both lower reading and lower math scores". Is this MCPS wants us to go? Oh, wait, we won't be having finals to we won't know the unpalatable truth:

    1. The perks. Remember Mr. Collette got a super cool trip to London for 5 days from Promethean. Then he had those trips to Florida to promote Promethean BEFORE MCPS even bought the fancy white boards. And remember way back he had the fabulous $300 steak dinner in Canada with the previous MCPS Tech Director. Mr. Collette also gets a MCPS take home car and other perks. Hey, it's all about the perks for administrators.
      Yesterday, Mr. Collette had absolutely NO DATA and NO OUTCOMES to show the County Council. Yet, the Councilmembers LOVED the presentation. Clap, clap, clap, now let's all got to lunch on our County credit cards and expense accounts.

  2. Let us then join the symposium
    And stuff ourselves ad nauseam
    For the county provides resources
    For us to consume meal courses.

  3. I guess you cannot fail at your job if you don't have deliverables before spending millions. I want that job!


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