Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"Whitman gym was deemed unusable for the event due to two big holes in the floor."

Battle of the Classes will be held tomorrow night at Walter Johnson High School, as the Whitman gym was deemed unusable for the event due to two big holes in the floor.
“We were hoping [the gym] was going to be ready, but unfortunately it is not,” principal Alan Goodwin said.
Goodwin coordinated with WJ principal Jennifer Baker, who moved around school events to accommodate Battle of the Classes.
Despite giving students short notice—the location change was announced during 8th period today—Goodwin and leadership advisor Sheryl Freedman believe there will be no major impact on attendance at the event.
“It’s one of the most popular events for the year, so we think we’re still going to get a good turnout,” Goodwin said.
Freedman added that WJ is only three miles away and shouldn’t make too much of a difference.
The location change has created more work for Freedman, who is in charge of coordinating security and sound for the event. Whitman security, WJ security and Whitman’s media services will all have to be at WJ, Freedman said.
Additionally, the leadership team will face the issue of transporting heavy supplies such as tires and hurdles from Whitman to WJ...


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