Monday, November 2, 2015

New 90-10 grading policy helps kids keep grades up

Watkins Mill High School has implemented a new grading policy this year, which is changing the way teachers grade and how students see their grades. Originally, the grading policy was 50-40-10 and is now 90-10.

Principal Carol Goddard said she decided to change the grading policy because she felt that it was unfair for half of the students’ grades to be decided through non-retakable assessments. She feels it will be easier for students to get good grades if most of the assignments fall into a broader grading category.

“The summative is 50 percent of your grade, right? But you don’t have a lot of summatives, you have a lot of formatives and homework. So if you had only one test in the 50 percent category and you failed it, no matter what you did anywhere else, you couldn’t get past 50 percent,” Goddard said about the previous policy...

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