Thursday, December 3, 2015

Cancer Researchers Write MCPS About Radiation In Classrooms

Dr. Lennart Hardell and Michael Carlberg have published extensively publishing on non ionizing radiation and cancer risk. This week they wrote MCPS commenting on the new Radio frequency radiation FAQs. 

To Montgomery County Public Schools, 

Regarding: Wireless technology should not be used in schools or pre-schools due to health risks for children and employees

It has come to my attention that MCPS has measured the radiofrequency radiation in several of your schools. I also understand the district is sharing information with parents and teachers and staff about the potential health risks of wireless radiation. Based on current published scientific studies, we urge your administration to educate themselves on the potential risks from wireless technologies in schools, and to choose wired teaching technologies. The well-being and educational potential of our children depends on it.
What will be the health effect for a child exposed all day long in school for 12 years? Wireless networks in schools results in full body low level RF-EMF exposures that can have a cumulative effect on the developing body of a child. No safe level of this radiation has been determined by any health agency and therefore we have no safety assurances. Cancers can have long latency periods from first exposure until diagnosis) and it will take decades before we know the full extent of health impacts from this radiation. The statistics and effects will be borne by the children you serve.

Read the entire letter by Dr. Hardell at


  1. I've said this before, but here it goes again: No one, not Drs. Hardell and Carlberg (what's with the foreign doctors? Can someone explain to me why no one here in the U.S. is sounding the alarm on this issue? I guess out of tens of thousands of scientists out there statistically you're bound to find someone who's going to be saying things that people want to hear because it fits some preconceived notions that they have - like with about autism, aliens, climate change (with the outliers saying it's not happening) and crop circles), has explained any mechanism for HOW this would work, i.e. how non-ionizing radiation, which has been around for decades, would do anything at all to you. Keep in mind, the non-ionizing radiation that we call light coming out of the bulb above your head right now has more energy than the non-ionizing radiation coming out any RF emitting device you can point to.

    But now the difference - Here's a video to help explain this:

    This is a non-issue. The number of cancers directly attributable to non-ionizing radiation has not gone up, there's no epidemic of brain or any other cancer, there are people out there making a living raising this issue for organizations and people for whatever reason, not unlike Dr. Andrew Wakefield with autism being caused by vaccinations.

    But hey, there's a solution to this: You believe? Wear an aluminum hat and underwear, that should definitely cut down the non-ionizing radiation to your brain or any other body part you might be concerned with.


    2. Actually the Head of NIEHS Dr Birnbaum says we could have a serious problem.
      Linda S. Birnbaum, Director of the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and National Toxicology Program, states “Israel is a world leader in research on the health effects of non-ionizing radiation. If some of the studies turn out to be harbingers of things to come, we may have major health consequences from the nearly ubiquitous presence of wireless equipment.”

      ooh yeah.. and Harvard experts.
      Read it here

    3. Whoops forgot to mention that brain cancers are going up in registries. Seems Mr. Nugent is not aware of the BEST AVAILIBLE SCIENCE.

    4. Mr. Nugent,

      MCPS has already clearly established beyond a shadow of a doubt that this public school system DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE HEALTH AND SAFETY OF CHILDREN.

      That is a fact.

      Here are just two examples: sexual abuse of students by staff and radon in classrooms. In both cases we have documented that MCPS administrators kept students in harms way, rather than protecting the students.

      If you think that aluminum foil and underwear are going to keep YOUR children safe from rape and radon while they attend MCPS, then go for it. But, for the many, many parents that have very real, documented concerns about their children's' safety while attending Montgomery County Public Schools they want more than just a silly hat and an undergarment. If you want to discuss facts, this blog is open for the discussion. If you want to discuss Halloween costumes, we are sure there are many other sites open for that discussion.

    5. All love to Janis who has endless courage and does not mince the truth

    6. If you are related to Ted Nugent that explains everything. Just remember you are a Mr. not a Doctor and don't forget that. Mister.

  2. 6 Letters are up on the Safe Tech blog. It is notable that Dr. Hardell brought the carcinogenic effects of Agent Orange to governments attention in the 80's. The officials who dismissed Hardell were later found to be getting cash from Monsanto.

    Where is the money flowing at MCPS? Why is money being spent on cheap tech devices rather than teachers, class supplies and radon remediation?

  3. Hey James Nugent- "Wear an aluminum hat and underwear," Way to go with making fun of people.

  4. Ms. Sartucci and the Anonymosities:

    The conversation is about non-ionizing radiation, not rape and radon, so let's keep to the topic at hand and not get personal. Last I checked aluminum underwear doesn't protect anyone from rape or radon, nothing I suggested but interesting that you took what I wrote and made that flight of ridiculousness.

    With the following: "Actually the Head of NIEHS Dr Birnbaum says we could have a serious problem" We "could" have a serious problem? Non-ionizing radiation has been around for over 70 years and we "could" have a problem? Yeah, well, I guess that "could" be true about a lot of things. If the good Dr. things we "could" have a serious problem she would do the world a service by pointing out how that problem works, i.e. what specifically that problem is. "Could" covers everything I "could" possibly think of and doesn't tell me a thing.

    As for brain cancers going up in the registry: Well, what I specifically said was that brain cancers due to non-ionizing radiation, but let's not quibble. First your link is to a blog written by "true believers" such as yourselves I have no doubt, and bloggers are great about culling what they want out of what's out there to push their specific agenda, and using terminology deliberately intended to scare people, e.g. "electromagnetic radiation" includes the light streaming through your house as you sit in your living room, is that increasing cancer, too?

    The scientific consensus is that there's no increase in cancers, there's no correlation to anything to do with cell phones, or WiFi transmitters, and or the light cascading out of your light bulbs, that's the truth of the matter.

    As for making fun of people, no, I'm putting things in context. You're afraid of non-ionizing radiation I guarantee you that aluminum hats and underwear will protect you, the "radiation" can't get through the metal. You all have a problem with this "deadly" carcinogen that's increasing the rate of cancer and I just provided you a sure thing solution, in fact the only one who has as near as I can tell from the drivel I've been reading, and you all get ad hominem with me. Someone doesn't agree with you and it's personal and you accuse them of poo-pooing safety in general (let's not even go down the path where you people are so gung ho about safety in school but don't touch the fact that radon and, assuming WiFi were a problem, would be a MUCH bigger problem in the home), which undercuts the ability of anyone trying to take you all seriously to do so.

    All the best,

    James Nugent

    1. Mr. Nugent,

      You have very deliberately put down parents and guardians who have concerns by attempting to make fun of them.

      This situation is EXACTLY the same as radon and rape (and a dozen other examples). Why? Because scientists and doctors can be wrong. What is being discussed here is potential harm to CHILDREN, who, in this public school system, have no advocate. Parents and guardians in Montgomery County have a very GOOD track record of pointing out concerns when MCPS administrators could care less. The administrators are the ones getting the kick backs from the vendors, their opinions are extremely biased.

      Have you been to any meetings to meet the parents, guardians, and TEACHERS who are concerned about these issues? No? We have been to those meetings and met the many, many people that have very real concerns. You need not try to diminish the concern by pretending you are talking to just one person, you are not.

      Educated people read and learn. Educated people know that there have been many, many, many times in history when scientists and doctors have been WRONG.

      Thanks for wanting to experiment with other people's children, but some actual parents and guardians of current MCPS children do NOT want their children to be experimented on. That IS their right in the USA. They have the right to speak up, question, and demand information.

      As for what people do in their homes, that is irrelevant. We are talking about public schools. Parents and guardians are required BY LAW to send their children to these buildings and they have every RIGHT to demand that their children be kept safe while they are in the buildings. What if a parent does EVERYTHING to keep their child safe at home, must they then send their child off to a place where their child will be raped, bullied, inhale radon for years...?


  5. Ms. Sartucci,

    Many different things can be pointed to as similar, but you're conflating disparate issues in order to make them equivalent, in turn diluting the fact that one of those issues, the "dangers" of non-ionizing radiation to be specific, is ridiculous. Rape and abuse of children is a serious matter well deserving of all of our attention and efforts, but non-ionizing radiation and radon in schools are hardly equivalent to that.

    Experiment with other people's children? You see, here again you make me out to be some sort of villain that wants to experiment with "other people's children". My children are 7 and 9, they go to school or otherwise are in MCPS facilities frequently, I do not perceive a danger to them and for darn sure I'm not promoting experiments on anyone's children, much less my own.

    "What people do in their home, that is irrelevant" - this from the woman concerned about "experimentation" on children? Your concern is for our children, their safety, right? First, parents are not required by law to send children to MCPS buildings, ONLY 28 of which have been shown to have a radon issue - you can send your child to any non-MCPS school in the county (which, though, don't seem to require testing? Not sure, there's something else for you to go after.) If your concern is with the safety of our children, who ARE required to live with their parents in homes that are NOT tested for radon or evil "WiFi" and electromagnetic radiation, why are you not out there beating the drum for testing in homes? Children spend 6 hours a day in school, they spend FAR more than that in their homes.

    Our schools are not places where our children are raped and exposed to high levels of radon, let's get that out there right now. I defy you to come up with statistics from a reputable source, i.e. read "not just a blog", that makes the case that MCPS schools are in any way unsafe and that our children there are raped on a regular basis. As for bullying, yeah that happens, but no where near to the degree it did when I was a kid and there are efforts galore in our schools to reduce and eliminate bullying. The places you describe are something I in no way recognize, our children are safe in MCPS schools.

    I'm glad you have attended meetings of like believers. But all of this by and large is right up there with the anti-vaccination movement, that rallied around the same garbage "science" that the PCM all too readily latches onto. And alas, Montgomery county has more than its fair share of the anti-vaccine crowd. You can find "science" to back up pretty much anything you want, but it's the consensus of the scientific community writ large that matters and it's not behind you on non-ionizing radiation and would tell you that yes, there's a problem that MCPS needs to address with radon but it's no where near what you're making it out to be in the schools and there's a far greater likely problem in homes.

    Let's be very, very clear: I spent many years of my life dedicated to defending the "rights" you so blithely claim I'm trying to infringe on for our children, I work in MCPS schools and I haven't come close to hearing the uproar of concern you allude to, know personally that our schools are safe and populated by professionals totally dedicated to protecting our children - does a bad apple pop up? Yes, and they're culled as quickly as they appear with the proper consequence to them. And I have put down no one but the people who indulge in the sort of shameless fear mongering and hyperbole that seems to be a character signature of the PCM. Yes, you people have done some good work in days past, but you're getting long in the tooth and a bit out of sorts with reality since that time.

    1. Right out the box, you strike out.

      "Our schools are not places where our children are raped and exposed to high levels of radon, let's get that out there right now"

      WRONG. Documentation of BOTH is on this blog.

      See tag LAWRENCE JOYNES for just one rape and RADON tag for recent radon reports where even MCPS administrators have now been forced to say they are in the wrong and did not keep children safe. (Radon reports came out in last week. Again, you strike out on your hyperbole.)

      Try again.

      Second, Mr. Sherwin Collette the MCPS administrator who is making these decisions has been known to take vacations from no bid vendors. That documentation is also on this blog. Proof positive that he will engage in unethical behavior when spending millions of tax dollars on NO BID purchases for our public school system.

      Credibility of Mr. Collette = ZERO.

      Parents that have concerns and questions? They have every right to ask questions as we have PROOF that MCPS will engage in unethical and dangerous behavior with regard to public school children.

    2. In addition, the current "Interim" Superintendent is the KING of NO BID massive procurements done WITHOUT Board of Education approval. Again, proof positive of that is on this blog in documents with his own LARRY BOWERS signature.

      Together, Mr. Bowers and Mr. Collette have shown that they have absolutely no qualms about making massive multi-million dollar purchases without any public accountability.

      Parents and guardians are right to demand public accountability for MCPS administrator NO BID purchases.

      And, oh guess what Mr. Nugent, you know who has uncovered many, many problems in MCPS? Well, in the vast majority of cases it is just a small group of parents and guardians. It just takes a couple of people to point out what is illegal, unethical, or dangerous.

    3. Mr. Nugent,

      You are at Churchill High School? The school where the building was modernized but there is STILL LEAD IN THE WATER??????

      Seriously? Such a classic example of MCPS administrators total disregard for the health of public school children. Brand new building with undrinkable water.

    4. FYI: One of the incidents of a student being raped in a MCPS school occurred in Churchill High School.

  6. This is where we end this as far as I'm concerned.

    The "rape" in question happened outside the Rockville Courhouse, NOT in the high school. I'm not aware of any sexual assault happening at Churchill in the last 6 years, but for you that doesn't matter. The student committing the rape was at Churchill, not quite the same as it happening " Churchill" as yo would have everyone believe.

    I'm sorry, you clearly believe what you believe and the "truth" of it isn't so much the issue, and conflating different things to turn what people say into something, wow, I mean really?

    Keep drinking the Kool Aid Ms. Sartucci.

    1. Not at all correct. You have now shown that you are not even bothering to read. I gave you the name of the convicted MCPS teacher rapist and you ignored it and went off on a tangent.

      I gave you Lawrence Joynes. You cited a completely unrelated case.

      You also did not pull up the incident that happened INSIDE Churchill High School while Joan Benz was the principal. She's still there. Ask her about it. It's the reason couches are no longer allowed in the school. If you want to drink Kool Aid while you talk to her, that might be a good idea.

      The activists that are concerned about Mr. Collette and Mr. Bowers purchases have ALREADY exposed that MCPS is not even taking the most basic precautions with the use of Chromebooks as recommended by the manufacturer.

      In addition, parent advocates have also exposed that MCPS is not even taking the most basic precautions with regard to the security of student data.

      Mr. Collette has already been caught at least twice exposing confidential student data in violation of FERPA to name just one security concern.

      Parents are right to ask for all of the information associated with these purchases and check to see what safety, security and health precautions MCPS is undertaking.

      Again, the massive wifi installation and the massive Chromebook purchase were both done WITHOUT a public discussion and vote by the elected Board of Education members. In many other communities across the USA, parents, guardians and school board members engage in open and public discussions about these types of decisions. It is through that process that any kinks or concerns are fleshed out, discussed and addressed. Our Board of Education does not work that way. In our public school system these decisions are made behind closed doors. After the multi-million dollar purchases parents and guardians have to scratch and scrape to get MCPS administrators to admit to what they have purchased and what they are doing.

      It is only through activist parents from all over Montgomery County that these purchases and decisions are reviewed. It's the choice of MCEA, who picks the Apple Ballot Board of Education members, that our public school be run this way.

      Each and every major, NO BID purchase by MCPS ends up going through this process. If you do not like the way our public school is run, you should take that up with your union. It's their choice. Voters put the Apple Ballot candidates in office because they love teachers. If teachers do not like parents and guardians asking after the fact questions, then maybe teachers should pay a tad more attention to what they put into the chairs of our Board of Education.


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