Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Part 2 - Whitman HS to take part in research study of concussions

If a picture says a thousand words - a video provides a million.

Here is the video from Fox 5 showing the concussion research device that may be tested at Whitman HS.

Did you catch the principal on the clip as saying he is concerned about concussions because fewer kids are coming out for football. Gee, Dr. G - I hoped that you would be more concerned about the health of your students.


  1. Holy crap.

    Our parents comfortable using a device which still "being tested" on their children when they have a concussion?
    If people watch this and are not scared crapless about what has happened to our school system then I recommend you wake yourself from your slumber.

    This device is still being researched. Why are they testing the children with it? What if putting that little contraption on the childs head results in not getting medical treatment they need? Has the world really gone this insane?

    plus its connected to a cell phone. ?? seriously.

  2. Are they looking for publicity, volunteers or free marketing?


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