Thursday, December 10, 2015

Vote to accommodate Muslim holiday could cause earlier start date for MCPS


  1. Montgomery County BOE -thanks for making things unnecessarily complicated. Students were already free to observe religious holidays on their own calendar, i.e. without penalty for missing school. Opening school earlier in August does save us summer camp fees. Except that the BOE will then realize that it will cost more to open school sooner. Perhaps we should look to Howard County's example in considering the removal of some religios holidays. Virginia has the king's dominion rule. We have Eid. Diwali, festivus, solstice, Wiccan - they need to be 'more equal' like the Dad in that video!

  2. Way to stick it to Peter Franchot.

  3. Do you think that is what this is all about?

    Obviously, adding 1 day does not equal starting 3 days early. So is this simply a way of throwing up an early start date in front of Franchot's push to begin public schools after labor day?


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