Tuesday, January 12, 2016

WTOP: MCPS Halts Construction at BCC Middle School #2 Site

...A spokesman for MCPS says that construction has been temporarily halted because the excavation has uncovered the asbestos floor tiles from the demolished school.
“We have coordinated with the required state agencies and intend to start the abatement process,” MCPS spokesman Derek Turner said in an email.
The hazardous materials operation is scheduled to begin Monday, Turner said.
Meanwhile, neighbors say they wish the school system would provide more information about the construction project and some say posting an asbestos project sign on the site’s chain link fence appears to them to be the minimum requirement.
“The original school was buried under the ground here, and it would have been good for MCPS to let us known that that school originally had asbestos,” says Laura Dennis, a neighbor...


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