Sunday, February 14, 2016

Broken discipline tracking systems let teachers flee troubled pasts

A fragmented system for checking the backgrounds of teachers leaves students at risk.


  1. Maryland earns another 'F' for fine work:

  2. Thanks for sending this. It was on the National News too. When I raised that parents should be notified if kids are punished or forced to work alone one on one with teachers (both of which seem to violate MCPS rules to do so without parental notification), no action was taken and MCPS found beneficial to have a child be alone with a teacher and questioned what's "wrong with our family" for being worried about such alone time. If they have an F on whether a teacher is a predator, parents should at least be notified when their child is forced to be one on one with the teacher outside of classroom time. This would have prevented the shocking abuse that recently occurred in PG County. Spring elections are coming for the MCPS board, is there a parents coalition candidate that we can support? Please someone step up for this so that we don't get another teacher's union candidate for the MCPS Board and have them block basic protections for the kids/parents.

  3. It seems that it finally got someone's attention:


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