Thursday, March 24, 2016

MCPS Principals Use Fundraiser That Takes 48% Cut and $2,000 Fee

Boosterthon contract
MCPS Principals at the schools listed below apparently have been using an outside company to come in and fund their personal school slush funds.

The money raised by these local school fundraisers does not pay for teacher salaries, does not buy textbooks, does not fix toilets, and does not get students out of classroom trailers.  These funds are never accounted for in the MCPS Operating or Capital Budget documents.

The money raised through these local school fundraisers goes into the local principal's slush fund.  The money can be used for all kinds of things including travel, food, clothing, and gifts.  MCPS audits these accounts every few years, find improprieties, and moves on.  There are no consequences for improper use of this cash.

Apparently, this one particular company has convinced a number of school communities that it is worth it to pay them a $2,000 fee and then give them a 48% cut of any funds raised.

College Gardens Elementary
Fallsmead Elementary
Garrett Park Elementary
Lakewood Elementary
Ritchie Park Elementary
Stone Mill Elementary
Twinbrook Elementary
Wayside Elementary

Here's what the principal gets for the $2,000 and 48% cut of fundraising: 


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