Tuesday, March 22, 2016

State BOE Appointed ACTING Interim Superintendent to Approve Interim Superintendent's Job as MCPS Superintendent

From a Montgomery County Public Schools press release we learn that the Maryland State Board of Education appointed an ACTING Interim MD Superintendent to approve Interim MD Superintendent Jack R. Smith's position as the new MCPS superintendent. 

Under the procedures for selecting county superintendents, the State Superintendent must approve of each new hire.  However, in this case, that would have put Jack R. Smith approving of himself.  Therefore, the State BOE appointed an Acting Interim Superintendent to approve of Jack R. Smith becoming the MCPS superintendent.    

...Given Dr. Smith’s current position, the Maryland State Board of Education appointed Dr. Karen Salmon on February 23, 2016, as acting interim state superintendent of schools for the purposes of approving Dr. Smith’s appointment to the Montgomery County position. Dr. Salmon sent a letter to Mr. Durso on March 7, 2016, approving Dr. Smith’s appointment as MCPS superintendent of schools.  The Board and Dr. Smith completed negotiations on the terms of a four-year employment contract on March 7...

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