Monday, April 4, 2016

MCPS Never Sees Maintenance Logs for Artificial Turf Fields #GoodLuckKids #concussion #gmax

Parents and guardians of students using MCPS artificial fields should watch the video below.

The video explains how artificial fields are to be tested to assess concussion risks.  Remember that artificial fields are a plastic sheet put down on top of layers of crushed rock. (See the picture below taken as the Blair High School artificial field was being installed.) 

Credit Kathy Michels
After you watch the video, you may ask, is my child safe when playing on the MCPS artificial fields?  

At the bottom of this post you can find the answer to that question.

MCPS has no idea.

MCPS does not get copies of the Maintenance Logs or Gmax testing reports for their FieldTurf artificial fields. 

MCPS pays over $1,500 per field annually to have the artificial fields Gmax tested, but never receives the test results.  

Good luck students.  We hope the artificial fields are safe, but we have no idea if they are. 

FieldTurf Maintenance Services - document provided by MCPS. However, MCPS does not have any
 copies of filled out Maintenance Reports for their artificial fields.  Why get a copy of something that you have paid for?


  1. Bottom line, the parents don't care. They just want their kids to play. It's up to them and they don't give a damn about the long-term health of their children, just as long as the kids can keep playing.#DamascusBoosterClub

  2. The Blair Field experiment went awry.

  3. Why not put the artificial turf field (with lead and other chemicals) next to cell towers (that emit radiation, no known safe level for children).

    Oh, wait......the school system is already doing that! MCPS's way of putting kids first! Way to go!


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