Monday, May 16, 2016

Help Wanted: Home for 450 Yellow School Buses

And so the battle continues.  Where to put those 450 annoying school buses that are currently occupying prime real estate next to the Shady Grove Metro.

Answers from the developers and county politicians only answer some of the questions.  Proposals include putting some at Carver Educational Center, some more at the Westmore site right outside of the City of Rockville's boundaries, and some - scattered through the county parked at various high schools.

But really folks, we need a solution that addresses all buses - not just a few scattered here and there.

Until the good taxpayers of MoCo get an accounting to relocate ALL those Shady Grove buses, we don't really have any viable solution.

Lets be helpers.

Why not the site of the White Flint shopping center?  Right now its just an eyesore on Rockville Pike - its already commercially zoned, contains a school site, and looks like its all paved and ready to be - surprise - a PARKING LOT.

Right now, the site is tied up in litigation, between the developers - the Lerner family, and the Lord and Taylor department store.  According to  newspaper reports, Lord and Taylor is asking for more money, and the Lerners aren't happy at all.  In fact, the Lerners threaten to not go through with their $800 million development plan until all the appeals are settled and may shelve the project entirely if the courts do not rule in their favor.

So - looks as if White Flint will be tied up in litigation for years to come.

Hey Lerners - do you have room for a few hundred buses that can temporarily use your property?  Be good citizens - and help your fellow developers solve the Shady Grove bus dilemma.  After all, isn't it all developers really want to do is build?

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